We are an East Bay Hardwood flooring service that provides installation, sanding and finishing of wood floors.

Avi’s Hardwood Floors is a small boutique style wood flooring business owned by Avi Hadad. We provide wood floor refinishing and installation solutions for consumers who value their time and beauty of their home. We will educate you honestly about the various approaches to your project. To ensure that we educate you correctly, we regularly attend industry conferences and trainings. Our product choices and methods are innovative and enduring so that you are making a good investment.

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Refinishing Brazilian Cherry Floors

Posted by Avi Hadad on Mon, Jan 25, 2016

This time we were called to fix a wood floor someone else refinished badly. The owners got my name from researching online and finding my information on the National Wood Flooring Association website. It has been more than a month since the floor was refinished. The contractor had dust all over the home, the finished floor was streaky, had sanding marks everywhere and did not look good. The contractor told the owner to move the rugs and furniture back onto the floor only a couple of days after he was done. Obviously, it did sound strange to the owners but they figured they should listen to the professional. Long story short, the finish under the rugs was completely ruined from being covered so quickly without having time to cure. The sheen of the floor was uneven and the contractor who came back to fix the final coat just made it worse.


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