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Avi’s Hardwood Floors is a small boutique style wood flooring business owned by Avi Hadad. We provide wood floor refinishing and installation solutions for consumers who value their time and beauty of their home. We will educate you honestly about the various approaches to your project. To ensure that we educate you correctly, we regularly attend industry conferences and trainings. Our product choices and methods are innovative and enduring so that you are making a good investment.

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How We Contain Wood Dust

Posted by Avi Hadad on Mon, Jan 30, 2017

Hardwood-Floor-Kitchen-White-CabinetsAt Avi’s Hardwood Floors we use several ways to control the cleanliness of your home while we sand and finish your wood floors.

We start with a clean site. Normally we would vacuum the floors and spend time taping off areas of the home where we don’t work. If we work in kitchen area we tape off all cabinets and if you have a big tv and wall mount speakers we will tape them off as well.

We use state of the art sanding machines – these machines are expensive industrial type sanders that are specifically designed for wood sanding. These sanders are the only ones in the world tested for wood dust emissions and are the most efficient in dust containment. Sounds like magic, right? Not really. We have seen other contractors claim to be dust free when in fact all they have is an old sander with a cheap utility vacuum attached to it. A vacuum sucks in the air and blows out air. If the vacuum is not designed to capture and contain the fine particles of dust then that dust will end up back in the air.



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