It is not that complicated. We all have busy lives with no time to spare. The last thing we need in our home where we care for our families is a remodel project gone wrong. A hardwood flooring project is probably the most intrusive project to some people because they have to vacate the house from furniture, themselves and their loved ones. Sometimes for a few days and sometimes for a week. Here, at Avi’s Hardwood Floors we take the time to plan out your project and help you cover all bases so you can get back to your life with minimum interruption. Where are the pitfalls along the way? What should we look for when hiring a contractor? If you need to hire a floor contractor you want to make sure that he or she meet the following criteria:

  • Licensed in the state of California
  • Bonded and insured
  • Has workers comp insurance for their employees
  • Has great reviews, a website and is able to provide references
  • Years of experience
  • Trade education and technical training certificates
  • Trade references (not just consumers)
  • Reliable
  • Provide quality work
  • On time
  • Trust worthy, meaning you can give them a key to your house and leave town for the duration of the project
  • Fair prices
  • No hidden costs
  • Honest

By covering all points mentioned above you can insure the success of your project. At Avi’s Hardwood Floor we serve the counties of Contra Costa and Alameda. We also serve other areas based on distance from our location. We will show up on time, meet the deadline, provide you with a quality service and product and have no hidden costs once started the work.

You can trust us too, but go ahead and read our customer reviews and credentials: