Many of us begin our journey into adulthood planning for a particular career based on our educational tract and change our minds at some point, which is the case for Avi Hadad.  After graduating from the IDF Junior Command Preparatory School in Haifa, Israel and spending three years in the IDF, Avi made the decision to follow the career path of becoming a tradesman much like his father. Early in his twenties, Avi moved to the San Francisco bay area and began working in the hardwood flooring industry. Limited room for advancing his woodworking knowledge led Avi to form his own business after acquiring the basic skills of wood flooring.

The search for more education lost its intellectual depth in some ways when it came to reading books and magazines like Fine Woodworking, so Avi soon found the National Wood Flooring Association. The NWFA is a hardwood flooring specific organization that establishes the standards and benchmarks for product performance and quality amongst contractors and manufacturers. Avi fast tracked his learning by attending most of the NWFA technical wood flooring schools, which has since also provided him with a mastermind network of colleagues. Gratitude for the organization and the thrill of mentoring newer contractors means that Avi now helps instruct regional technical schools when time permits. Avi also serves on the board of directors for the NWFA to help shape the future of the organization.

If you are still reading at this point, then we need to establish something important. The story of this company is not designed for bragging rights, but simply illustrates the path of our educational interests over the years. We choose to provide enduring value rather than compromising in situations where price trumps quality. We are still competitive and fair in pricing, when the comparison is done on a level playing field and factors in licensing, insurance requirements, and taxes. Our reputation has been earned over the years with integrity rather than relying on flashy marketing and sales pitches. We choose to avoid the impersonal “volume matters most” attitude with our customers.

Everyone at this business still has a unique personality and fun side too. Avi does like volume, when it comes to playing his music at home. He is an avid guitar player and family man. His children are two wonderful and inquisitive boys who keep Avi and his wife on their toes. Two of his family members are top chefs in Israel, so the passion for great food and wine trickled down to him. He loves to cook a meal from quality ingredients and likens it to his trade, where ingredients are essential. Fortunately for Avi and his family, living around the San Francisco bay area provides many options for quality food and wine, when nobody around the house wants to cook.

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